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Megaterra Ltd. provides full scale environmental services, consultancy and

implementation background for the clients. Main fields of our activity are

the assessment of the sites having contaminated soil and/or groundwater,

planning of the remediation and carry on the implementation.Megaterra Ltd

has long term experiences and many references in the following fields:





  • environmental assessments, audits, screening, environmental impact studies

  • feasibility and action plans of remediation, authorization and implentation

  • on-site and off-site remediation by biological, chemical and physical methods

  • construction and operation of groundwater treatment facilities

  • planning, installing and maintenance of monitoring systems

  • soil drilling, accredited sampling of surface and subsurface water, sewage, soil, soil gas, biogas and depony gas, on-site accredited analysis of soil gas, biogas and landfill gas

  • waste management  planning, revegetation plans, plans and implementation of extraction and utilization of depony gas

  • lanscape planning, remediation and revegetation of brownfields

  • research and development

"Expertise and Respectability" - "Integritas et Calliditas"